Dry brushing is based upon the ancient Chinese concepts of acupuncture and acupressure. The Chinese recognize three million nerve points spread over the surface of the skin, seven hundred of which are nodal. In plain lan- guage, when these nodal points are stimulated, currents flow through chan- nels called meridians and stimulate (or suppress) the activity of specific organs to which they are connected. For example, the tip of your big toe is connected to the pituitary gland just below the brain. A point in the web between the thumb and forefinger of the right hand connects to the liver. Although medical researchers still do not exactly understand the mechanisms at work in acupuncture and acupressure, it is now generally acknowledged that they do work.

Dry brushing is systematically designed to take advantage of these myriad connections. By applying friction to the acupuncture points, your entire nervous system is stimulated and invigorated and the beneficial effects are directly conveyed to every organ, gland, muscle, and ligament in your body. Indirectly even the production of red and white blood cells is affected.

The immediate result of a brushing session is a feeling of intense physical well-being. The quality and texture of your skin improve instantly. The skin has a warm rosy glow, and you feel your circulation revving up.

Brushing instantly releases stress and tightness in neck and shoulders. Posture is improved, and any muscular constrictions in those areas are released, thus increasing the flow of blood from body to brain and back again.

Brushing relieves chronic tension headaches far more efficiently than do painkillers. By stimulating the lungs (when muscles relax, the chest opens up, freeing the lungs to expand more) and increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain, brushing leads to clearer thinking. It also improves digestion, as you burn up a good portion of the food you consume through the way you breathe. If your lungs and breathing are restricted, an additional burden is placed on the heart, which prevents it from functioning normally. The quality of your blood is also upgraded through brushing. Brushing enhances both the quantity and quality of the red blood cells, which in turn benefit your overall circulation. 


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