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The cotton base towel helps reduce the frizz from hair. Helps maintain hair healthier by cutting the time of blow drying hair and exposing it to heat, reducing the risk of split ends. Great for long or short hair. One size fits all. Ideal for everyday use at home, gym and/or while traveling with reusable pouch. Great for facials, and while applying makeup.

This month you will receive a FREE Travel size Soap Sponge in either Charcoal or Mother of Pearl, just let us know which one you prefer valued at $8.


For a quick dry & comfortable fit with reusable travel pouch.

Wrap around hair and button it, for hands-free use.

This is what makes me unique:

  • Natural cotton base.
  • Reusable pouch.
How To:


• Place the towel on your head with button placed in the back of your head at the base of the neck. Your hair should be inside with the tip of the Hair Towel Wrap directed away from you towards the front.

• Take the tip and twist it like if you were twisting a conventional towel.


• Once you have finished remove the towel from your head

• Then take the tip and pass it to the back of your head and secure with button in the back. Now you are drying hands free and ready!



After Care:

  • You can hand or machine wash it and let air dry or put in the dryer at a cool temperature
  • Do not bleach